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Om Studio | Ashtanga Yoga Athens is HAPPY to host
Ty Landrum  in Athens, Greece 
March 24-25-26, 2017
Ty Landrum is the director of the Yoga Workshop in Boulder, Colorado. He teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as he learned it 
from his teachers, Mary Taylor and Richard Freeman.

Ty has been an Ashtanga practitioner since 2005. He was introduced to the method by Jennifer Elliott at Ashtanga Yoga Charlottesville, where he practiced for seven years. In 2012, after completing a doctoral degree in Philosophy from the University of Virginia, Ty moved to Boulder to study with Mary and Richard. Since then, under their guidance, he has learned some unspeakably wonderful things about the art of yoga.

In 2015, Mary and Richard asked Ty to assume directorship of their studio and teach the Ashtanga method as he learned it from them. It is his honor to continue the thread of the Ashtanga tradition at the Yoga Workshop, and to share the brilliance of yoga with anyone who wants to learn.

Workshop info:

Friday   24/3

18:00- 20:00 PM  The Breath of Ashtanga

Ashtanga Vinyasa comes alive with breath.  And as the breath moves, the mind moves, with the same depth and grace.  In this workshop, which combines asana and philosophy, we explore the techniques of breath and movement that give the Ashtanga practice its phenomenal potency.  Our explorations will give us an experientially grounded but philosophically illuminated perspective on the inner workings of Ashtanga Yoga.

Saturday  25/3
8 – 10:30 AM The secrets of Vinyasa 
Ashtanga Vinyasa tones our internal currents of breath.  With assiduous practice, we can ride these currents, gliding on them with elegance and grace.  In this workshop, we explore the internal techniques of bandha and mudra that underlie this ability, and we apply them to some of the more dynamic movement patterns of the Ashtanga system, including sun salutations, jump throughs, jump backs, press ups, and more.
14:00 – 16:30PM   Backbending
Backbends are among the most potent of postures.  They can inspire compassion and creativity.  In this workshop, we learn to use breath, bandha and grounded awareness to support our backbends from the inside.  With the techniques introduced in this workshop, we can learn to backbend with pleasure and ease.
Sunday  26/3
7-9 AM Mysore

Traditional Mysore-style class. Students lead themselves through the Ashtanga Vinysa sequencing while receiving individual guidance and support.  This class is intended for people with an established Mysore practice. If you do not have an established Mysore practice, please ask permission to attend.

If necessary , the Mysore class might start earlier.

9-10:30 Pranayama 
Pranayama is the art of listening to the breath, of giving space to the subtle currents of breath that move throughout the body.  As we give space to these currents, they break and swirl into intricate patterns that reflect the unobstructed play of our intelligence.  These patterns blossom, change form and dissolve, revealing their ephemeral nature, and exposing us to the emptiness of our experience. This workshop provides essential instruction in pranayama.  It covers the foundational elements of asana, bandha and mudra that support the practice, while introducing the key forms of ujjayi and nadi shodana pranayama.  Those who internalize the instruction offered in this workshop will be primed to begin a grounded and intelligent pranayama practice of their own.
11- 12   Tasting the Poison (Philosophy Talk)

Yoga practice is said to be the antidote for samsara, the poison of conditioned existence.  When the practice starts to work, the poison comes to the surface, darkening the waters of our minds.  This experience can be disconcerting, but it marks the beginning of the process of yoga.  In this workshop, which is an exploration of philosophy, we talk about meeting these experiences with compassion, and turning poison into insight.

Early Bird registration :200euros
After February 15th : 240euros
Om Studio|Ashtanga Yoga Athens
15 Kalamiotou & 4 Skouze str (entrance from Skouze)
4th floor, Syntagma , Athens , Greece
Cancellation policy:
Until January  15th full refund
Until February 28th half refund
After March 1st no refund
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